ZombsRoyale.io is the ultimate real-time, massive multiplayer 2D battle royale game, was released on March 14th of 2018. Since its release, the game has had 39 total updates

This game is based on the well-known Battle Royale genre, where 100 people are thrown into a map together to fight until death. You're flown on a plane into the map, where you can press SPACE or the E key to jump off the plane. Once you land on the map, you're going to need to destroy crates by using force or pressing E, open gold chests/ammo crates to try to find some weapons and ammo to defend yourself from other players who will be doing the same. If you're aiming for more kills land in an area where more people land. If you're aiming for more wins try and land at an area without too many people. It's easier to get a win on mobile.

Each side gets two lieutenants that are assigned after the leaders. Lieutenants get a special perk: firepower. This perk grants them extended magazines for nearly every gun in the game.how it works ?

ZombsRoyale.io has over 10 game modes! Check back constantly for the rotating game modes!(Solo mode , Duo mode , Squad mode , Zombies mode , 50v50 mode , Superpower mode , Weapons Race mode , Crystal Cla mode , Mystery Mode , VIP Mode ) and more coming soon.