is a free browser based multiplayer online battle royale game developed by players battle against other players on a large map from a top-down perspective,scavenging for supplies and weapons.

Players are represented by circular figures on a 2D grid-like playing field, surrounded by a circular "red zone" that shrinks as the game progresses. Players start with only their fists, while extra gear such as armor, backpacks and weapons can be found across the map in crates, houses and other buildings Weapons range from close range shotguns and SMGs to long range assault rifles, knives, axes, and grenades. Scopes can be found that give players a wider view of their surroundings. How it works ? The game supports two or four player team modes, and can be played on mobile browsers as well, also the barracks for 50v50 it is a new update in the game .

Each side gets two lieutenants that are assigned after the leaders. Lieutenants get a special perk: firepower. This perk grants them extended magazines for nearly every gun in the it works ?

Desert Rain returns again, and the Island's airspace has never been more crowded! In addition to massively increased flare gun spawns, throwable strobes can be found in the desert that call in an air strike on their locatio the've also made a few adjustments to the overall game. Healing and boosting will now give off particles to indicate to your teammates (and enemies!) that you're busy medicating. Bandages can now heal all the way to 100 health. Downed players can also interact now - open doors, press buttons, etc. For the rest of the changes, check out the changelog.

The fighters are grounded as we're back to normalcy on the Island. Like always, we've got more new content in the works! And later this month will see the return of a certain arid landscape ...