A Popsplit is one of the best techniques used in agario, there are different ways of doing this trick, that easiest way of doing this trick is having 2 times the mass of your opponent and your opponent has to be next to a virus, then what you have to do is press space twice into your opponent and the first piece will go into him and he will pop with the virus and you will be able to hit him with the next piece. This technique was created 3 years ago vida Chinese community.

Few years ago someone discovered that you can actually do a split with the same mass to do this the opponent has to be really close to the virus. Recently someone has discovered that you can do a same size popsplit the chances of doing this really really low that you can do it.

One of the best games to practice your popsplit is in this game is really easy to do popsplit because the game is made in order to be able to do them. In most of the agario videos you can see how old are YouTubers use this technique for their videos, as it looks really good in the video. Did chances of doing double mass of split are really high, and it's ounces of doing a same size or lower size popsplit are really really low that's why those are better clips. .

A lot of the people things in order to do a popsplit it requires any kind of skill when in reality it's only luck.

There are a lot of all the tricks that you can do in agario apart of the popsplits, you can also do tricksplits and doublesplits, if you are not good at doing popsplit I would recommend you go to your skills and you will eventually become a really good pop splitter