The creation of the .io games

There is a lot going on in the io games world. For those of you who do not know, .io games are a brand new genre of online web games that are totally multiplayer. This means that you can play them in your browser, with tons of other players.

Well, for starters, it's pushing web game developers to create much more interactive and fun games. Multiplayer web games have never been as popular as they are now. These things are being released like crazy. especially be youtuber , they are promoting games and making a lot of people to play it also if you visit the io games list, you can see just how many of them are there, and As you already know, there are many funny and addictive games for players like agario, slitherio, ... These games after launching just a few months have attracted thousands of people who like playing games all over the world. Immediately, after the success of these two games, a series of new games with the domain name “.io” was released and created an io game list. So what are the io games?

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It is very simple! All .io games which can be played on the web and have io tag are called "io games". They are flash games and very easy to play. There are many people who can play together in one game, they compete against each other to win the game. The name - io games may be a bit strange, but the fact that they are also normal games like the other. The different is Instead of using .com or .net domains as other games, these games use a different domain name - ".io" - a generic top-level domain (gTLD).

However, these games did not become popular by their strange name or their domain. And I sure you that it was not an accident that the phrase "io games" has become so popular. So which things make io games become so popular in the world? Let's learn about the history and the features of io games to know why are these game so successful. .io is Country code top-level domain, it has existed since 1997. The first .io domain was registered in 1998 by Levi Strauss & CO.